heya! welcome to my homepage! i'm oblvdata - short for The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Data Folder. i'm an occasional doer of stuff. here you can find some of my most recent things that needed a home other than into the tight confinements of a social media post.

i have formal education in both graphic and game design; and my main creation-wise interests are generative art, image as signal/data, and retrocomputing - with some of my secondary ones being both traditional and digital painting and sculpting, digital typography and publishing, obsolete printing techniques, and experimental sound recording and design. sometimes i speed-prototype ideas for arcade and tabletop games; and i like to play puyo puyo, shmups, and pop'n music when i'm feeling burned out.

this homepage isn't intended as a long-term solution for my online presence, and i, in fact, already have another - more complete - one more than halfway done and planned to be released as an "actual website" instead of a neocities one. that being said, do not expect this one - the one you are now - to ever represent or host my work as a whole, as this has been assembled in less than a noon.

for the old-school and security freaks out there, please enable javascript on this site, or else some pages will not work properly.

if you ever feel the need to contact me, feel free to do so through the means available on my contact page.